Women love a well-dressed man. That fact has been proven in research studies. It's not really not about how you approach, it really is about who is approaching. Look Joe Schmo, wearing a fleece jacket and jeans is not going to leave a lasting impression (unless you are George Clooney). Even the best-looking men in the movies have the assistance of a stylist or personal shopper. continue reading →



So many of us are making a presence online. This is your first impression can win over people, be a ho-hum statement or a total turn off. Present to the world, an assertive man that attracts, love, success, good energy. continue reading →



Your Wing Woman is a liaison between the sexes; she eases the somewhat awkward situation of men meeting women.

When you are out with an attractive woman, as a guy you hand is stamped. Have you ever been out with just a female friend? Have you noticed women seem to almost respond more? When women see a man with another woman, internally they think: "Hmm, he must know how to relate to women, he is accepted by this woman, he must be a good guy." continue reading →



The typical bachelor pad is generally comes off a bit stark and seems to have an air of a strictly functional place. Sure there may be a few pieces of art, but does your bachelor pad feel or look like a home? Is it a place a girl wants to stay? Take action, we have interior design specialists to create a nice aesthetic and personal statement for you pad. continue reading →



The ability to impress a houseguest is enhanced by the power to create magic. Magic dare I say, most often happens with some libations. Be the master of your domain and excite your guest(s) with fun cocktail options. Be confident of your skills in the kitchen with simple recipes designed to show finesse. continue reading →